My name is Adriana, I’m almost 40 years old and I’m a ciclomeccanica, that is to say I’m a bicycle mechanic.
There is my whole story in the blog Italian posts: two years of posting, from the most intimate to the technical ones.

Now, let’s face it! My English is bad and writing English posts means investing a lot of time as well.

Why am I doing it? I want to test me and find a fun way to study English. Do not expect in depth articles: I’m writing the easiest ones to translate. The main goal is to improve my English and get to translate all the posts that I think suitable to represent the spirit of my blog.
I’m sure you will find many mistakes as well as the desire to challenge me, going beyond my own limits.

(All the corrections are obviously allowed but, please, be kindness because it is not easy to write public posts using a language that is not mine.)

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